about pilcrow design
Pilcrow Design is a young company in the design business, but nevertheless rich in experience. We have, in different ways and in different constellations, worked with web design and graphic design for more than a decade.
The company has two main branches. One is web design and graphic design, and the other is design and manufacture of jewellery, accessories and home decoration under the Pilcrow brand.
The main part of the web design and graphic design business consists of designing and programming for publication on the Internet, but we also work with other kinds of graphic design, such as production of logotypes, design of business cards, ads, posters and other printed material.
We reside in Bräkne-Hoby in the heart of "Sweden's garden", Blekinge, but naturally we work with customers all over Sweden.
the pilcrow brand
Under the Pilcrow brand we work with design and manufacture of hand made and personal jewellery, accessories and home decoration at competitive prices.
All parts of the process, from design to manu- facturing, take part in a renovated old piggery outside of Bräkne-Hoby in Blekinge, Sweden.
The Pilcrow brand's own website is to be found at www.pilcrow.se.
web design
Is the company or the organization in need of an Internet prescence, or is it time for a new graphic design of the present website? Is updating and administrating the website all too complicated, time consuming or costly?
Let Pilcrow Design help You with the design and/or the regular maintenance of Your website. We could design Your new website from scratch or from a given idea, create an online shop for smooth and stable Internet commerce, take care of regular updates and administration of the website, online shop and e-mail, according to Your specific wants and needs.
We work mainly with small and medium-sized companies, but naturally larger corporations, non-profit organizations and private persons are welcome with ideas and wishes too.
graphic design
Do the old business cards feel boring and out- dated? The best business cards are the ones that are interesting enough not to be thrown away by the customers or forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. Let us at Pilcrow Design create a nice, unique design that catches the eyes of the cus- tomers and that will not soon be thrown away.
Is the newly established company in need of a logotype or has the time come for the business to create a unified graphic profile? We can create a logotype, of pure style or truly eye-catching, or an entire graphic profile based upon Your requests and the company's business, objective and target group.
Is it time to advertise in the daily paper, trade journal or by posters downtown? Then we at Pilcrow Design can help You in creating attractive, unique and selling ads, posters or other printed material that will give the company a nudge forward.
Eventhough Pilcrow Design is relatively newly established, we have had quite a lot of projects. We have, among others, worked with the following projects:
     • Landtlif i Röaby
     • Lennartssons Redovisningsbyrå
     • Bodekull Bowlingklubb
     • Aluett - medieval sailing organization
We have also designed and coded some personal websites, such as:
     • tina.just.nu - personal website of Tina Lennartsson
     • ego.just.nu - personal website of Knut Johansson
To contact Pilcrow Design with projects, ideas, material or general questions You are free to use one of the following ways:
     • Address:  Pilcrow Design
                      Backarydsvägen 56
                      SE-370 10 Bräkne-Hoby
     • Phone/fax:  +46 (0)457-800 21
     • E-mail:  info@pilcrowdesign.se
Om Du redan anlitar Pilcrow Design och behöver support för någon av våra tjänster kan Du använda följande e-postadress:
     • E-mail support:  support@pilcrowdesign.se
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